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Make Your Outdoor Space Shine!

As summer in Seattle starts to wrap up we want to make the most of the sunny days we have left. Whether you're throwing a Sunday football party, inviting family over, or have some friends visiting, having an inviting outdoor space can really bring the party to life!

So what can you do to turn your outdoor space from bland to inviting? Below I will outline 3 ways to bring your outdoor space to life.

1. Create space with purpose.

Within the area you have to work in, try to create spaces with purpose that give you attendees some guidance. You don't want a space that is one big rectangle with no focus, like one empty room. It can make the space feel awkward and your guest may feel out of place just awkwardly standing in the middle. This can be done with some proper furniture placement. Think of creating some space for cooking around the grill, a dining table, bar area, and a couch/seating area. By using similar colors in each section it will make the space feel like one.

2. Focus on Seating.

If you do not have an enormous amount of space to work with, don't worry. A space can always feel inviting whether it is big or small. When the space is smaller, place a focus on seating. Once you have found a few seats that match and strike you. Finding a unique table to go in the middle can create a splash of color and an accent between the chairs. Another item to add in an intimate setting is to add a small water feature. The feature will immediately make the space feel more relaxing, peaceful, and luxurious.

3. Lighting

My personal favorite and typically most affordable add on that can pull together the ambiance is string lighting. String lights are typically very easy to install and can make the space feel much larger. LED lights are preferred as they are energy efficient and if you really want to go all out, you can set it up so you can control the color!

I hope these 3 recommendations help you create the space you always wanted!

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