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Using technology to sell your home…

High-Definition Video

Living in the Seattle-area we are at the forefront of the technology revolution. With companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Nintendo of America, Google, and Facebook at our footsteps, we live in a very technology-savvy community. To get the most money when you list your home, presentation and marketing is everything. Taking professional photographs of your home is my standard. A new tactic listing agents have taken, like myself, is to do a high-definition video of the home. Videos can show much more than a still frame and it allows the buyer to really imagine what the home feels like and the experience of living in that neighborhood.

Virtual Walkthrough

An alternative to a video is a virtual 3D walkthrough. A virtual walkthrough can be very effective if used on a property that makes sense. When a buyer is using a virtual walkthrough, the buyer can walk through the home by controlling the “camera.” It can genuinely give the buyer the feeling of what it is like to walk through the home without physically being there. It is similar to using Google Street View. This can be particularly helpful to buyers who are interested in your home and are not physically able to see your home, such as out of state buyers, foreign buyers, or a family that may be traveling but still actively looking.

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