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Fiene Extravaganza 2025
July 5th - 12th, 2025

Western Caribbean with Mexico


Join us July 5th through July 12th for our 3-year reunion cruise! In contrast to our cool Alaskan adventure, we will cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, exploring historic Costa Maya, vibrant Belize City, and the incredible beaches of Roatan and Cozumel. 

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Why a reunion cruise?

YOU asked for it! We had such an exceptional time together in July 2022 that so many of you asked, "When is the next cruise?" We spent extensive time debating how often we would do this and ultimately settled on doing this trip every three years. Life is short, and we want to continue to prioritize time together! A cruise is about doing what you want and when you want; there are no rules! Lodging and food is 100% covered in your fare. It is one of the only types of travel where you can completely relax between destinations and wake up in a new city/country, to new adventures.

Why the Caribbean?

From Alaska to the beaches of the Caribbean, we wanted to contrast our last cruise with a totally different trip! You can actually get in the water and swim!


Why this itinerary?

We chose this itinerary because it offered the best of all worlds: not too long, not too short, relatively affordable, and the most variety within its itinerary. 


- Cozumel, Mexico

- Roatan (Mahogany Bay, Honduras

- Belize City, Belize

- Costa Maya (Mahahual), Mexico


What is there to do at the ports?

Whatever you like to do there is an option for you! We will defer you to Holland American’s Website to read through potential excursions but here is a list below of options you would have if you’re feeling adventurous. This is just a short list of what the possibilities are.

- Mendenhall Glacier and Salmon Bake

- Salmon Fishing

- Sea Otter and Wildlife Quest

- Wilderness Sea Kayaking Adventure

- Sitka Bike and Hike

- Tongass Rain Forest Nature Hike

- 4x4 Nature Safari

- Misty Fjords by Seaplane

- Victoria Culinary Walk: In partnership with food and wine magazine


These options all vary in price and physical demands. You can find something very relaxing to experience or you can decide to do something more physically demanding! The choice is yours. No one has to do the same excursion, and if you prefer roam around port, or stay on the ship and chill out, that is fine too!


Won’t Sea Days be boring?

NO! Cruise ships are FULL of activities. The list goes on and on. Here are some options but, trust us, you will not run out of things to do. You’ll wish you had more time!


You could:

- Go to daily trivia

- Watch a movie on the big screen

- Grab a drink and chill in the hot tub/pool

- Attend multiple live music events on board

- Watch a comedy show

- Watch a live game show or even join in

- Eat and then eat some more

- Sleep in until your heart's content. Rest or catnap whenever you want.

- Workout at the world-class gym with amazing views

- Relax at the spa

- Play games at the casino

- Keep an eye out for wildlife and whale sightings - we saw Orcas on our last cruise on a sea day!


Do I have to do what you do at ports or on the ship?

Absolutely not, this is your vacation! We just hope to see you and spend some additional time with you at some point during the 7-day cruise.


What will the weather be like in Alaska?

Daily high temperatures are around 67°F, rarely falling below 60°F or exceeding 75°F. Daily low temperatures are around 54°F, rarely falling below 50°F or exceeding 59°F.


Will I get seasick?

Possibly? Everyone is different. Granted cruise ships are HUGE, they do not have the amount of sway that a typical boat will. That being said, we are sailing the Alaskan waters and it could certainly be possible. The ship has a handful of methods to help cope with seasickness, with motion sickness pills on hand. Stabilizers on modern ships, availability of advance weather information, and development of effective preventative medications have greatly reduced the incidence of motion discomfort. Fortunately, given the itinerary, we predict that there is really only one day possible for this. We may luck out with the weather and not have any issues at all! July is an excellent time to sail this route.


Will there be a coordinated get-together on the ship?

Yes, that is the plan. The second evening, Monday, July 18th we’ll have our "reception", getting dinner at the same time and then go to BB King’s Blues Club to dance and enjoy music.


When do I need to book my stateroom?

Anytime! However, the ship could book up, or you may not receive your preferred location or room type if you wait to book. Cruise prices are historically the cheapest the further from the sailing date. Sooner the better. All that is required to lock in your spot is the deposit and remember it is fully refundable through 4/17/2022, which is when final payment is due.


Will the rooms be near each other?

This is completely your choice. You may ask Amy to book your room near ours, or somewhere else on the ship. At this point there is a vast majority of bookings on the 8th floor, then a few on the following floors: 7th, 5th and 4th.


What will this cost?

That all depends on what room type you book and what the current prices are that day. Similar to airfare, fares are always changing. Rates change, so there is no guarantee until booked.


Examples as of now (*these prices can change):

- Inside Stateroom, 2 Adults (double occupancy), best rate: $1099/pp + $265 taxes per person = $2,728

- Veranda/balcony stateroom, 2 Adults (double occupancy), best rate: $1,379/pp + $265 taxes per person = $3,288

- Veranda/balcony stateroom, with "Have It All", 2 Adults (double occupancy) : $1,729/pp + $265 taxes per person = $3,988


Are children's fares discounted?

Yes, it depends on their age what their fare will be. Ranging from $399 - 799, plus $265 for taxes. Sometimes Holland has promotions running where children cruise for a reduced rate.


What is "Have It All"?

This is a new way to experience the world of Holland America Line. A premium cruise package includes four high-value amenities and a saving of 50% compared to purchasing separately. If you purchased all these items separately it would cost $693.29.


- Wi-Fi surf package

- Signature beverage package

- $100 toward 1 shore excursion

- 1-night specialty dining, such as Pinnacle Grill (high-end steak house)


How much is the deposit?

There are sometimes promotions running where the deposit may be reduced, but normally it’s $700 per stateroom.


What is not included in my cruise fare?

- Daily gratuity of $15.50/pp or $17/pp for suites.

- Excursions at ports

- WiFi

- Beverages, outside of what is available in the buffet (drip coffee, juices on tap, water on tap)

- Alcoholic beverages

- Specialty dining restaurants. The main dining room (sit-down dining restaurant) is included for everyone, the specialty dining is extra fancy onboard restaurants.


Is the cruise refundable?

Yes, it is fully refundable up until 4/17/2022. From that point forward there is a refund schedule.


What if I book and then fare rates go down?

Good news, just give Amy Queen a call and she'll honor the better fare! It's that easy! If it is a fare that can affect the entire group, Jen and Cyrus will facilitate the change with Amy.


When is the final payment due?



Can I make payments?

Yes, you can make payments. You can go on the website, login, select "Already Booked", then "Make A Payment".


How do I book my cruise?

Call or email Amy Queen, our personal Cruise Consultant. 800-355-3017 Ext. 29375. Reference: Cyrus and Jen Wedding.


Can I book online?

The fares listed online are restricted fares and you won't have access to our group rate and reserved staterooms. With today's rates (when we're writing this), the group rate can save you between $23-$124 per person. These examples are not including Have it all.


What if I booked an inside stateroom and want to switch to Veranda?

When booking with Amy Queen, you can change your stateroom up or down at any time, based on availability. 800-355-3017 Ext. 29375,


Can my family join the cruise?

Why not! The more the merrier and remember, this is your vacation! Make it your own! Do us a favor and reach out to Cyrus or Jen and let us know who will be joining you. We want to account for everyone with planning!


How will we get to the cruise?

See "Before Cruising" tab


What documentation will I need?

See "Before Cruising" tab


How can I stay up to date on EVERYTHING?!

Ask Cyrus and Jen to send you an invitation to their Discord group to stay up to date with everything happening on and with the Cruise AND check back here for updates.

Personal Group Cruise Consultant

Melanie Walsh

1-800-901-1172 ext. 21721

Hours: 8:15am-5pm Pacific Time M-F

Image by Meritt Thomas
Image by Alonso Reyes
Image by Dan Gold
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